Welcome to Charleville Chamber

Hello there

My name is PJ McCarthy, Chairman of the Charleville Chamber  and I would likePJ McCarthy to take this opportunity to welcome you to our website.
Here at the Charleville Chamber of Commerce we possess wholehearted dedication to making Charleville one of the greatest towns in Cork, Munster and beyond.
We do this by coming together on a voluntary basis and helping businesses in Charleville and the surrounding   areas to thrive as best they can.
Some of the services we offer to these businesses are advice on start-up, tax, accounting and marketing. We also endeavour to help all local businesses take advantage of community initiatives as best they can.

We also frequently liaise with and lobby Government departments and representatives for the betterment of Charleville in terms of employment, transport and infrastructure. Our board of directors are extremely knowledgeable, approachable and successful. They give up their free time to helping this wonderful town and the businesses within it.
If you need any help with your business or any events or initiatives that you think may help Charleville prosper, then look no further than the Charleville Chamber of Commerce.
We believe that Charleville deserves the best attention, the best promotion and its business people deserve the best advice.

Our Chamber is full of people who love Charleville and are so proud to be native Charleville people or adopted ones. We want to see the town thrive; we want businesses to be profitable, employment to be high and local community initiatives to be successful.
We have so much expertise, experience and sheer talent within our ranks that it would be foolish of you not to take advantage of our expertise while you have the chance. We are here to help and want you to succeed every bit as much as you do.


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