What we do


Charleville Chamber represents their members to the relevant entities/parties/semi state bodies with the view of assisting in progressing business matters, issues and difficulties. Where a business is seeking direction in export markets, research and development, expansion and resolving labour issues. The Chamber works closely with local authorities to ensure that work takes place that will benefit the businesses and residents of the greater Charleville area. We meet with staff from Cork County Council and have a positive, constructive relationship with them. We also work with Chambers on issues of common concern such as infrastructure and regional investment.


Support on expansion programmes, research and development, support in finding financial funding, support in representations to Enterprise Ireland/IDA.

We represent on behalf of business interests such as the introduction of the new E-fibre broadband into the area.

Promotional Platform

We have the structures and resources in place to assist in promoting local business, enterprise and e-commerce to avail of the vast opportunities by being accessible to a wider audience and open up to larger markets.

We can also help our members with search engine optimisation marketing. We can do this by conducting a website analysis on your website and giving you recommendations to pass onto your web developer. This will help increase the awareness and sales of your company. We have an in-depth knowledge of social media marketing as well and by being a member you can book an appointment for a free digital marketing consultation, where we will advice you on what your company should be doing on social media.

For example we have set up numerous Facebook business pages for different members such as The Farm Gate Butchers, Costello Memorials & Cash and Carry Fuels and Hartigan’s Chip Basket

We have also increased the search engine optimisations of Response Engineering Group website to appear on the first page of results in search engines and have set up a Google Business/Maps account for them which has given them a wider online presence.

This is only a snapshot of what we have done for our business members, we have worked with others also in developing a marketing research strategy, promoting their good through social media and creating promotional videos/brochurs.


Our business seminars/conferences are aimed at our members and providing the opportunities to interact with local businesses.

For example we hold an Annual Awards Night where business members get the opportunity to interact with each other. We also give referrals to your business as the chamber is always receiving calls from numerous business people looking for different products/services and by being a member we will refer your business first.

Future Plans for Charleville

We have in the past and intend to continue with our consultative approach with regards to Socio-Economic planning for Charleville. It is essential that the outside world can see that Charleville business’s, retailers, community groups and residents have a common purpose and aim to enhance Charleville as a place to live, work, socialise.

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