What Youtube has taught us in the last 8 years

It is almost impossible to imagine a world without Youtube, and it is almost more difficult to comprehend that it has only been in existence for 8 years. Youtube has evolved into such a huge brand in such a short period of time that some of the usage statistics about the company are absolutely mind – boggling. For example according to Mashable.com, “YouTube has 490 million unique users worldwide per month, who rack up an estimated 92 billion page views each month. We spend around 2.9 billion hours on YouTube in a month — over 325,000 years”. Youtube has helped educate us in a huge way ever since its inception in various areas such as the following:

1. Entertainment:

First and foremost Youtube is a source of entertainment. The videos that receive the biggest hits are usually music related. For example Psy’s single Gangnam style has racked up the most hits on Youtube with almost two billion views for his ludicrous and humorous interpretation on what life is like in Korea’s Gangnam district. According toRandomhistory.com the first video to receive one million hits was Brazilian football sensation Ronaldinho’s Nike ad “Touch of gold” which is again entertainment related. Perhaps the main reason Youtube is so popular worldwide is people like to see the incredible rather than the everyday. Although interest in current affairs is enormous, Tony Blair being the first world leader to set up a Youtube channel in 2007 is bound to draw less interest than Rihanna’s new music video given the nature of this site. However these videos have such reach that they often help to teach us about culture, the arts, and history.

Psy may be no match for Tony Blair on the political stage but the complete opposite is true on Youtube:

2. Educational and Informational:

According to prnewswire.com: “If pictures paint a thousand words, then a video paints a million.” Youtube should not be discounted as not being a credible source for educational and informational purposes. They have a very strict filter so that anything inappropriate or indecent is usually not allowed on the site, or obliterated soon after if it is. Youtube is home to some of the most beautiful, moving, and insightful videos in the world. We should be grateful to have a place where people form anywhere in the world can upload their amazing videos for our viewing pleasure. These are not just weird and wonderful clips, they are often informative in areas ranging anywhere from astounding nature to useful marketing strategies. Therefore this demonstrates the immeasurable educational benefits that Youtube brings to its users on a regular basis. So rest assured that clips such as the following are just a drop in the ocean of wonderfully crafted and captured videos available just a click of a mouse away:

3.Advertising and promotion:

It appears that most social media sites nowadays have adopted an ingenious approach to advertising and promotion. By leaving their sites be used for free they can monitor usage and present advertisements to those users specific to what they have watched, shared, or liked. This allows companies that advertise with sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube to pinpoint their target audience and show them ads that they might actually be interested in seeing rather than skipping. in Youtube’s case the ads are displayed for at least 5 seconds before a video can commence and will usually be related either to the video being watched or the usage history of that particular user. Youtube has had a monumental effect on the way that advertising has developed online since 2005. Many sites are now free and the ads displayed on them are of more interest to the user which is not just beneficial for the website, but also for the many people using it.


Youtube has taught us so much in the past eight years. It has educated people in areas such as current affairs, entertainment, and business in a vibrant way that a textbook never could. By bringing images, ideas, and great stories to life to everyone with internet access around the world, the sky is the limit for Youtube and it is hard to see a day when people will want to stop being educated and entertained by the videos available to them on this intriguing website.

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