Who is the Charleville Chamber of Commerce?

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Charleville Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary organisation whose objective it is to act as a support network for new and existing businesses, as well as for the entire local community. Some of the board members include Jim O Mahoney, John Donegan, Michael Murray and the Chamber President P.J. McCarthy. These are all very successful businessmen in their own right and between the four of them, they have been working in the town for almost 150 years.

The Chamber would simply not exist without the support of the local businesses. Many businesses wonder what we can offer them. What we would say is that it is different for every business so why not set up a meeting with us to see. Some businesses will want advice on accounts, taxes and start-ups, others will want help with marketing, social media and search engine optimisation and more will want their special offers shared and promoted on a regular basis. Whatever it is that you feel you want for your business just make sure you contact us before you rule us out.

Membership for 12 months is only €150 for businesses with less than 50 employees and €300 for those with more. It is essentially up to the businesses that support us to get their money’s worth. Everyone needs advice on something or to be marketed more effectively. Make sure you take advantage of whats on offer, contact us, meet with us and benefit from our combined expertise.

We are aware that many people feel they pay their membership and do not receive any benefits from it but we assure you this is not the case if you help us help you. We have many dedicated individuals within the Charleville Chamber of Commerce who care a great deal about our wonderful town and the people within it. We recently lobbied minister Varadkar to grant funding to expand employment locally, we have carried out numerous meetings with local businesses which they found extremely worthwhile and our more senior members have generously met with locals who have recently started or intend to start a new business venture and advised them on their next course of action, all for free.

We accept it is hard to please everyone but if you do read this and want to know more, ring us on 063-33133 or email us at e-charleville@live.ie. This is our invite to you, whether you are a member or not, if you are struggling or thriving. There is always room to improve, there is always someone who knows more about a topic than you do. Contact us, meet us and if you do not feel you will benefit then at least you have lost nothing.

Charleville Chamber of Commerce – Improving ourselves so that we can improve you. #Love Charleville.

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