Why Content Marketing and Video Marketing is the driving force to the success of your business in Charleville

Content Marketing Content is King Charlevile

Content marketing is becoming the most effective way of marketing your business online. Great marketing companies focus on creating high quality content that focuses on their customer interests. The aim is getting people to trust you by helping them. Once they find out exactly the information they are interested in they create lots of blogs and how to videos. These then get shared on social media platforms that drive traffic to your website and these links further feed into higher search engine optimisation. The website visitors i.e. your potential customer then sees the company as an expert in their field and are happy to help them and are totally differentiated from competitors. It was found from a considerable amount of research that around 98% of your visitors to your website don’t convert and 75% are at the research stage but the content marketer company keeps their company top of mind through regular informative emails which contains more useful content .

Hub Spot is a very good example of a company that use content marketing. They sell marketing software services and they know that their potential customers are interested in understanding how to drive more traffic to their site, how to increase web sales and how to use different social media platforms. So what they do then is supply free video tutorials on how to improve your marketing and also free eBooks on Facebook marketing, SEO and video marketing etc. They share links of this content through social media platforms and capture anyone’s email address that accesses their content and they then follow up with more useful content to keep their company top of mind.

Getting started

First of all you need to decide on what content you should focus on, in order to do this do some keyword research to find out what people are searching for in relation to your product or service. Secondly you need to look at what other people are blogging about, tweeting and sharing related to your sector. A tool you can use for this is Google Blogs and Topsy.com. Topsy Charleville

After you decide what content you are going to start creating, you need to decide the format you want your content in such as Blog posts, EBooks or Video tutorials/guides. You should create a calendar to plan your content in advance and schedule it in for when it needs to be created.  When you do create the useful content you should set up a form on the website to collect emails. Use email distribution software like MailChimp which is a free tool to use.  The aim is to stay top of mind for these people by sending regular emails with links to other engaging content that will position you as a trusted expert who is happy to help out.

Video Content

I will concentrate the rest of this blog on the benefits of videos for your website. The Video Content reason why I will be discussing the use of video is because videos are 53 times likely than text to appear on the first page of Google results. Videos will increase awareness of your brand through sharing them social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and also YouTube (as in my previous blog, YouTube is brilliant for google ranking). They will also appear in Google main search results. Video are great as well because they generate website engagement and encourage potential clients to stay on your website longer. There are many different types of videos such as product/service videos, showcasing your brand through promotional videos and also video testimonials. These videos will differentiate you from your competitors and communicates that you are a modern brand. If you are an ecommerce site such as a clothing retailer (such as Love Cherish here in Charleville) it will allow you to sell more items online.

Types of Video

Viral videos are the holy grail of video marketing and they can drive huge brand awarenessvideo and traffic, however viral videos are pretty difficult to do. Usually video shouldn’t be any longer than 60/90 minutes max in order to keep your customers attention; however it’s up to you how long it should and it also depends on the type of video you are doing. Interviewing members of staff are great ways to differentiate you from the competitors, it shows how you are different and why potential customers should chose to work with your company. Having a staff voice is also great as it creates a more meaningful relationship with your customer. Professional voiceovers are also good if you want your video to have more a professional or TV commercial feel. A good site you can get a professional voice over is www.piehole.ie, there are also many other sites but you must consider your budget first.

How to videos is another example of the types of videos which are ideal for providing tips and guidance, demonstrating how your product works, showing off your expertise, inspiring trust and also it will differentiate you from your competitors. Explaining videos such as animation ones are ideal for explaining complex products or services as it will help you to simplify them and explain the key benefits. You can go to freelance sites to get these produced. Customer testimonials videos are my all-time favourite as they are brilliant for building trust and creating a more personal touch.  You should try and get the client to focus on the interviewer not the camera, have background music to give continuity and pace and you should also try to show shots of the product as the client is speaking. Product demonstrations are ideal if you want to show how your product works and it is far more Charlevilleeffective than simply showing them some images and describing how it works. Another option you could do is creating a photoshow, which are images mixed with captions and music to create a video. These are great for brand building and creating awareness and driving traffic from YouTube. A great tool to use is Animoto this software allows you to upload photos, add captions, use music from their library and is also has excellent video mixing effects. It gets eve better its free for the standard package. Another useful tool that
is completely free to use is Windows Movie Maker, it is very easy to use editing software. However it is quiet limited when you want to use multiple audio and video files.

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